FreshAlarm Restaurant Alarm Timer 37 Daily Alarms

FreshAlarm Restaurant Alarm Timer 37 Daily Alarms

FreshAlarm Restaurant Alarm Timer 37 Daily Alarms
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Fresh Alarm Restaurant Timer complete with Maintenance Kit (SKU 760125). This easy to use kitchen timer alarms on the Hour and Half Hour. No reset required - alarms auto repeat every day at the same time. Never forget to rotate your food or perform kitchen quality checks again with this Easy-To-Use and Practical Fresh Alarm timer. Set up to 37 daily alarms.

Watch this video to learn how to set the timer:

This 'Kitchen Manager' is always on duty.

  • Fixed 30 minute (or 60 minute Interval). Set it once, automatically repeats every day at the same time
  • No Reset Required
  • Improve freshness and fast food restaurant / QSR customer satisfaction
  • Improve food safety
  • Used in the medical / pharmaceutical / healthcare industry

  • Complete Timer and Maintenance Care Kit includes everything you need: Timer with Batteries installed, Mounting Fastener, Maintenance Kit with Batteries (2 extra sets = 6 alkaline batteries) and small screw-driver for easy battery change.

    This is how you use this Alarm Timer in your restaurant:

    Easy to Set: Select the times when you need the alarm to go off every day. Alarm settings are available by simply sliding one or several of the 37 switches on the HOUR and/or HALF-HOUR from 6:00 AM to Midnight to the on (up) position. NO ALARM RESET required. All alarms reset automatically at midnight and repeat at the same time every day.

    Example: KFC in The Dalles, Oregon sets all alarms from 12:00PM (noon) to closing time 9:30 PM (20 daily alarms / alarms every 30 minutes). When the Alarm is heard ('every 30 minutes') a Quality Check is performed. The person performing the quality check then presses the STOP button and the alarm is turned off (regardless of what the operator does the alarm will sound at the same time tomorrow). If the STOP button is not pressed within 4 minutes of the scheduled alarm, a VISUAL INDICATOR (flashing) is turned on.

    Shipping: FREE Standard SHIPPING. Warranty: 1 Year

    Battery: 2 x AAA (included) Alkaline batteries are recommended. Fresh Alarm® is a registered trademark.

    Battery Life: 2 months (2 extra sets of batteries are included in maintenance kit).

    Size: 6 1/4" x 2 1/8" x 1/2". Weight 4 oz (timer only).

    Instruction Manual

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