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Discreet EPILEPSY Bracelet ALERT (looks like a normal watch). It arrives with your medical condition [EPILEPSY] pre-set. Remember you can easily add/update your medical information right on the EPILEPSY Bracelet ALERT yourself (no computer needed). Black Velcro Strap with Metal Caduceus. FREE Standard SHIPPING, 30-DAY Money Back Guarantee. One (1) Year Warranty. | Other ALERT BRACELETS

World’s first and only Medical ALERT Bracelet disguised as a watch. Discreet, it looks like a normal watch until ALERT is pressed.

Wearing this Medical ALERT Bracelet can be critical to ensure fast and effective treatment in an emergency situation. One (1) Year Warranty. FREE Standard SHIPPING and 30-DAY Money Back Guarantee. NO Monthly or Annual FEES.

What is the advantage of the e-pill Medical ALERT Bracelet?

  • Functions and looks like a normal sport watch.
  • Discreet until ALERT is pressed.
  • Enter your personal information, medical history, allergies, and medications.
  • In an emergency, if you are unable to speak for yourself, the ALERT bracelet can convey your medical condition to emergency responders.
  • Critical medical information is relayed to emergency responders immediately, without connecting to a computer or Internet.
  • The ALERT bracelet can briefly list critical medical information about you, which can help protect you from medical errors during admission or discharge from the hospital.
  • Can be kept always up to date. No computer is required for set-up or to change your medical information.
  • Adjustable Velcro strap with Caduceus (caduceus can be removed).
  • No Monthly or Annual FEES ever!

  • The e-pill ALERT Bracelet is the right medical bracelet for you if you have an ongoing medical condition , food allergies, or are taking multiple medications and need to communicate this information / medical condition(s) to emergency responders.

    The e-pill ALERT Bracelet allows you to program your important medical information in its Medical ID Data Bank and to keep it updated (no computer required). It arrives with your medical condition (EPILEPSY) already set.

    Example: you can choose to program the following (up to 36 letters per field or leave it blank):


    ALERT: EPILEPSY (Pre-set for you. If you do not see your condition listed please call us at 1-800-549-0095.)


    DOCTOR: DR. SMITH 1-800-549-0095l

    CONTACT: (emergency contact): JANE SMITH 1-781-239-2941

    BLOOD (blood type): O

    BIRTHDAY: 01/05/1950



    S.S.# (social security number / optional): XXX-XX-XXXX

    CARD# (credit card number and expiration – this is a hidden field that only you can access): XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX EXP X/

    Provides you peace of mind knowing that in an emergency (when you are not able to speak for yourself) you will be able to communicate your medical information / special needs to the EMT, Doctor or Nurse in an Ambulance or ER (emergency room).

    One more unique feature that differentiates the e-pill ALERT Bracelet from other medical ID bracelets is that it will remind you when to take your medications or do a specific task up to 12 times per day with an Alarm + Text Message i.e. Aspirin, Coumadin, Lunch, etc. (up to 36 letters per alarm).

    Medical ALERT size: 1 ½ inch x ½ inch

    Medical ALERT weight: 1.2 ounce

    Shipping: FREE Standard Shipping for US Customers (Non-US Customers pay $15.00 for shipping & handling)

    Color / SKU / UPC:

    SILVER Medical ALERT, Black adjustable Velcro strap with Caduceus (removable) SKU 942432 / UPC 837066000428

    BLACK Medical ALERT, Black adjustable Velcro strap with Caduceus (removable) SKU 962432 / UPC 837066000046

    We recommend that you consult with your doctor / health care professional to see what she/he feels is important to program into your Medical ALERT Bracelet.

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    ORDER / Products

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    Professional INFO

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